A slump a day, keeps progress at bay.
August 14, 2022

It's been a month since i've done anything on my site, I recently had covid so I was out for the count for about 3 weeks, everything is good now. Other than covid, i've been in a bit of a slump. I haven't had the motiviation to create any art, or create much of anything.

Life has become a little busy, as it always does around this time of year, my kids have started school again, so things have been hectic. As far as my art, or rather any updates to the site, I just haven't had the ambition for it, and really no new ideas.

I appreciate any and all who visit my little corner of the web.

Still here!
July 12, 2022

Ok, wow..it's been about a month since I updated. I haven't had much to update. We got back from our camping trip two weeks ago, and it was amazing, so much fun, and so many memories created. Our kids had a blast, it was their first camping experience, so they really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

After our return, I realized just how much I love camping, and how much I missed it. I was pretty bummed that it had to end. Given the opportunity, I would live in an RV for the rest of my days. Sadly that won't happen, but we do have plans on making this a yearly thing. You wouldn't believe just how nice the RV community is, it's a breath of fresh air!

The moment we returned home, it was back to the same old environment, the same hostile and miserable people. I was actually taken back for a minute, realizing just how rude, hostile and inconsiderate people are where I live. It makes me sick to be honest. Even my son asked me why everyone here is so rude. The only answer I could come up with is - They weren't taught any better. But it's more than that. Everyone seems to live in their own space, their own bubble. Other people don't exist apparently, they go about their daily lives not giving a shit about anyone else.

When I was growing up, I was taught early on to respect other people, be nice, genuine, and considerate, no matter what someone else's status/situation was. Anyone I encounter throughout the week - 90% of that is met with blind rudeness, or complete lack of any awareness or compassion. It's everywhere like the damn pandemic. People cutting you off while driving - for no reason. Pedestrians walking infront of you - without even looking to see if you're coming or not. Opening a door for my wife - someone cuts infront of her and enters first.

These problems are so small, but make a huge impact on someones day. I try and let it go, to not let it bother me. But I can only take so much as a single human being.

A perfect example - When we returned from our trip, I was following my wife to fill up the gas in the RV, apprently we were going to slow and some guy behind me decides to cut infront of me and take the gas pump I was heading to, nearly clipping my bumper. I proceeded to find another pump, and I went straight up to him and he asked if "I was good?". I replied fuck no we'ere not good, you cut me off, my blinker was on and you clearly saw where I was going. Needless to say, it ended there, but this is where karma came into play.

This guy knew he rushed the pump, when he noticed he pulled in the wrong way, so his gas tank was on the opposite side of the pump. I couldn't help but chuckle. He went inside to pay, when he came out he then realized he paid for the wrong pump, he actually paid for the pump our RV was at, he began to curse up a storm and walk back into the store. I'm sad to say that, his karma made me laugh. It shouldn't be that way, but when you encounter people like this on a daily basis, you become indifferent, and sour.

I'll continue my journey in life to be kind whenever I can, because that's all I can do, being a rude asshole to people wont get you anywhere, any faster. If you can be genuinely nice and care for your fellow human, life's journey will be a more pleasant experience.
Who's a happy camper? that would be me!
June 13, 2022

Who doesn't love a good campfire? The cool breeze on a quiet evening, telling stories, roasting marshmallows, and burning the hell out of the roof of your mouth. Yup, it's all awesome.

For the next two weeks i'll be away on a trip with my wife and kids, but we're going in style! That's right we'll be taking an RV, i've got my camping knife and ferro rod ready to go!

I'll see you all in a couple weeks, so i'll apologize in advance if I miss any messages, emails or follows, i'll take care of them when i get back!

It's game time!
May 31, 2022

It's been a while! I actually took some downtime on the whole 'website thing', I was beginning to feel burned out. I recently began gaming again, I took a long hiatus, which i tend to do, I can game for long stretches at a time, and take a break from burn out.

It's roughly been about 10 or 11 months since I did any gaming, but recently started up again with a friend. We just finished a playthrough of Green Hell It took us around 15-20 hours. I'll say this - this game has to be the most brutal survival game we have ever played. Everything, and I mean everything is out to kill you. If you're looking for a stress free survival experience, this is NOT it.

As of now, we are in the middle of a playthrough of The Forest It's beena wild ride so far, and we end up laughing every night, by the amount of stupid decisions we make, and how accidents happen in game. For instance, lighting a tennis ball on fire, and forgetting to throw it, leads you to be set on fire. Seeing your friend run through a forest in a huge fireball, desperately looking for water to put themselves out, is the funniest shit i've ever seen.

As for site updates - I'm no longer adding to archives, it's a tedious process I no longer care to engage in. Having to update the index, then strip old posts, move them to the archive page, then update the archive page, then update the change log to include said updates is maddening.

Sometimes, a paper and pencil is all you need.
May 10, 2022

I'm putting myself out there, and adding some of my personal drawings to the art section, I am by no means a great artist, but sometimes sketching can help me cope with whatever life decides to bring.

No regerts.
May 6, 2022

I joined Neocities out of nostalgia, and a love for the old web. But I am also finding it hard to keep myself engaged. I need some sort of personal goal to achieve, to be able to keep going, otherwise I end up getting bored, things become stale, and I usually quit updating.

This is where I am at, right now. Stuck without a goal, I've wracked my brain for the past few weeks trying to figure out a goal, and I just can't. And my updates are becoming less frequent. It's an all to familiar setting, and feeling.

I've enjoyed myself and the time i've put into neocities thusfar, and i've also met some amazing people. Bringing back that nostalgic feeling was amazing, but as we all know, nostalgia can only last so long. So as of right now, I am uncertain of my future here. If I can come up with an idea, or some sort of goal to keep going then I will, otherwise, this site will lay dormant until I one day come to the decision that I am done, and remove everything, and move on.

Index went on a diet.
May 1, 2022

I came to realize the index would become a never ending scroll, so all future posts, aside from 3 will be archived.