Dead end road and no reverse.

I have always thought of life, as a long car ride, on a one way road where each decision is an exit. Exits that can lead you back to your journey forwards, down a road full of potholes, or dead ends. But never a way back.

I believe my recent exit on my journey so far is a dead end. I joined Neocities in Novemeber 2021. I wanted to scratch that itch of the old web, and while I did get that craving I wanted, it also came with unexpected friends, followings, emails, and chat's, among other things. But with all that, comes drama, feelings get twisted into the mix, people come, and people go. So while I came here to experience the old web, it somehow got intermixed with modern life, modern web. It was the same as back then, but at the same wasn't.

I've had fun on this trip down Nostalgia Ave. But I feel it's time that I continue my roadtrip. Who knows maybe another exit will lead me back here.

I'll leave everything here up as is, for contact info, and the link shares.

It's been a wild ride. Keep headbangin'. Love you all. I'm out.

March 6, 2023

Listening to: Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive
Let's fuckin' go!

Art page is all done and crap. Apologies I'm all pumped at the moment Because as I post this update, yup..I'm listening to my band - Breakdown Of Sanity, so get your fucking metal horns out.

Added a new page to the menu 'Musical Memories', hope you guys enjoy it. I'm out - going to chill in a corner and headbang.

February 19, 2023

Listening to: Breakdown Of Sanity - Chapters
This place is friggin' empty

Yup, this site is lacking content - taking away all my art, has left this place barren. Which makes me that all I have is my old ass art? And what's with this home page? Is it a blog? A place to briefly mention site updates? It's a whatever the hell I want at that moment I guess.

Ok so, I'm working on the art page, the old stuff will most likely have it's own spot without taking focus off the new stuff, whenever I make new art..? hm..yea I could say HELL YES, new art is coming! But that's not true, although I have been practicing my letters in my sketchbook, eh.. maybe I'll add those, and I feel like im talking to myself here..

If you haven't noticed, you will now - my links to my different pages have a weird padding/margin issue. Yea..I'm aware, on certain pages, the menu will either shift up or down slightly. It's not breaking the site in any way, but it annoys me to no fucking end. I've gone over my code mutiple times, and I figured out what's causing it, some of my pages have a 'title' DIV, like this home page. The pages without that DIV the menu will shift down slightly. I'll fix this crap in the next update.

February 6, 2023

Listening to: Glassjaw - Siberian Kiss
Hiatus, and site changes

Well long has it been? This may have been my longest break I've taken from my site. But I'm still here, still head-banging and still well.., whatever, you get the point. Life has kept me busy since the Holidays, had a few days..weeks? to get shit done with my kids, and family.

Also had time to step back from my site, and rethink everything, where it was headed, where it's heading, and what content I want going forwards into 2023. To start off with this, a new layout! This layout design is sort of a homage to the 'tiny' layouts back in the day, where we had lots of wasted screen space. I've also scrapped the Tutorials page, whether it stays gone or not..I have no idea. I just don't have the time to record video tutorials. A new page 'Layouts of the past' has been added in it's place. I'll let the rest to be explored by everyone else.

February 1, 2023

Listening to: Zebrahead - Falling Apart