new year, new content, new..uh, stuff..

happy new year to everyone, i hope every one enjoyed their holiday! i'll be bringing new content soon, and possibly a new layout design.

updates, woohoo!

added more to the links page - sorry it took so long!
also reworked the art page, and added a 'templates' section.
still working on adding newer content, i forgot how time consuming it is, creating art and templates.

the up and coming, future plans and all that.

working in photoshop to add some newer art.
plans for adding a template category into the art page.
also thinking of adding my hand drawn art, i'm not the greatest artist
when it comes to drawing, but why not share anyway?

some dude added some weird stuff to the art section..

Some art has been added to the art section, be warned, its old, and it might make you cringe a little. but hey, i never promised to add good art..

its update time, yay! well alright..

Updated the about section to include a little more info about me, also added an art section, i'll be adding some of my work there. nothing special really, just some of my photoshop work from over the years, i may, possibly add some of my 3d stuff, but havent decided yet.

hey, whats up.

hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet. it's not much [shrugs]. i've always been partial to the web the way it used to be, if you want to know more about me, i have an entire about me section just waiting to be read.

i haven't filled all my pages with content yet, designing this layout took a lot of my time, but the pages will be finished soon!

i should also mention, this site isn't built for mobile, and i don't have plans to add fuctionality for mobile devices, this website is best viewied on a PC, or laptop.