Hopefully I can explain a little about myself, so here goes..

I've been doing this sort of thing for a long time, I started back when AOL was still a thing, and still popular..and I just gave away my age. ;O anyhow, i've always loved the idea of creating something from nothing.

I would sit inside photoshop for hours, designing my layouts, then spend more hours writing all the code to put the full website together. I loved seeing the outcome and I loved feeling that I accomplished something all on my own, just from my ideas and imagination.

As time went on, I noticed the web, just wasn't the same anymore. Websites became over complicated, ads had more space than content, paywalls everywhere. And I just couldn't do it anymore, I felt like what I was doing, was falling behind, and was stuck in the older internet days. so I let my domains expire, and I gave it a farewell. I'll admit, it made me sad to let it all go.

and then one day, I read about neocities, and it just gave me that itch i've wanted to scratch for so long. so here I am again. seeing other people's websites and knowing i'm not the only one feeling the same about today's web, and how its full of paywalled, corporate ad-driven crap that all looks the same. I think it's time personal websites and blogs, come back with a vengeance, and just have fun and enjoy the web again.

Now that you know a little of my back story, I guess I should get a little more personal

My name is Tek, i'm in my 40's, i'm a metalhead, but grew up on punk, but my early years were filled with Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, Phil Collins and Peter Cetera, weird combo right? I'm married, and have two kids. I met my wife in an AOL chatroom, and we've been together ever since. yup, we started the long distance, online dating thing, you're welcome. =P

I like to think I am a entrepreneur of various skills, if I find something that's interesting I'll pick it up and start researching and practicing till i'm satisifed, sometimes it feels like a curse because once I feel comfortable enough with a skill, I'll move onto something else, so I never seem to stick with one thing very long, on the other hand I learn quite a bit about different things.

Here's a few lists of different topics, things i've learned, things I like..etc.